About Us

We exist because we care

We believe that despite the challenges, the system can exist to truly support reform and recovery at all levels.

EP: IC was formed by a collective who shared a vision of creating innovative real-world research to support positive change. 

Part of our unique approach is our blend of experiences and skills. We have expertise and experience in prison governance, academic credentials including PhDs, project management, practitioner knowledge and crucially lived-experience of social and criminal justice.

Part of our ethos includes working alongside local experts and involving others in our collective. This includes training and supporting others with lived experience to work as part of our teams. 

Academic expertise and lived experience underpins all of our work. We use our operational experience to translate findings from primary research to pragmatic, workable and realistic recommendations.

We have led research and consultancy projects and engaged communities in over 45 prison and community services.

It’s this breadth of experience that provides a core strength to our collective, providing us with a solid 360 degree view of social and criminal justice.

The only criterion to our work is ensuring everything we do is EP: IC! Empowering People and Inspiring Change.

Our skills and experience equip us. Our values and passion drive us.